On The Wheel Wednesday

Centering clay centres my soul.

I open myself to flow toward that place where there is neither push nor pull and only the soft touch of all things in a perfectly



What do you like to do to get in the flow/Get into balance?

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  1. I like to prepare my studio to begin new work.
    First, I clean it well – I organize and I lay out what I will need to begin the process.
    Everything has to be in place and ready for me to begin the process.
    Once my hand begins the work, from the first moment, I am in balance and enter into timelessness.

  2. For me, music is first, then dances, aerobics, Zumba, I sing too, often, one of my poems I sang is call me, on my website, then so many things, which ever gets the time is accomplished including cooking, writing, poetry, photography, painting, when I had garden I used to do gardening too.

  3. One thing that gets me in balance is painting. Everything fades away and I am immersed in what is on the canvas and what is going onto the canvas.

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