This Is What Happens When You Are Serenaded By A Prince Or Symbol, While Making Pottery

A happy musical Saturday!

Purple Rain $122
Shipping Included in US and Canada

This vase is In honour of
the incredible artist Prince/Ƭ̵̬̊

Purple Rain

What Music are you listening to today?


      1. He was new to me, too. He was a guitarist in a band called X Japan and he had a very successful solo career which ended tragically in May 1998. I am writing about his music now on my blog, next story will be out on 2 September as it’s the 25th anniversary of his second album. He was extremely creative and his music didn’t fit in any genre. In Wikipedia there is a large article about him. Here are three songs, from his first solo tour in 1994: He means a world to me.

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