On The Wheel Wednesday

“And the seasons they go ’round and ’round And the painted ponies
go up and down.

We’re captive on the carousel of time.

We can’t return we can only look behind From where we came

And go round and round and round In the circle game.

Joni Mitchell

I hope you may have a peace-filled Day 🙏

Interested in a raku vase but not sure where to start? Try this


      1. I am looking to make clay….I have red volcanic clay here in Kenya, do you think it is any good, how are the clay you are using made, it is so pale

  1. Nice song and matches your round and round— sessions to make beautiful vases. I rather like to move along paths which are not just round — 🙂 yes seasons repeat, but they are not same ever — Thanks for sharing—-

  2. Thank you for sharing your potter’s wheel with us. When I was in my junior school (6-10 years old) if we finished our school work we could have a go at making pots on a potter’s wheel. I never got a go, because I was always too slow. My dyslexia slowed me down. When I moved in with my boyfriend after buying our first home together I wanted to buy a kiln and wheel which I saw was for sale in a local paper. His argument against it was ‘where would I keep it?’ I wanted to keep it in the shed in the garage but unfortunately at that time he was keeping his motorcycle there. Another missed opportunity. Over thirty-one years ago, I moved to the house where I live now and my ex-husband (and his motorcycle are now gone) I was too busy working and keeping a roof over my young son’s head to realise the small building at the top of a lane at the back of my village was owned by a group of potters. They do classes there for people who want to have a go. I’m so very tempted, but once again I busy working on two books at the moment. One day I may just pop in to have a go on the potter’s wheel just once. 😊

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