A Piece At A Time: What Inspires You?

Excited to share that two pieces have sold in the last bit and so it is time to make some more new jewelry!

“I Love Myself” Pendant – SOLD

so Usually when I do that, I put head out to the studio, put on some music and have fun creating for a few hours

A song I might listen to while creating jewelry

always staying open to inspiration from wherever it may come

so in advance of that, I’d love to know

Tree of Life Pendant – SOLD

What inspires you?

What resonates with you in your creativity and your life?

Yin Yang Necklace – $28
Free Shipping In US and Canada

hope you have an excellent Day and thanks in advance for sharing your inspirations!

For a deeper look at already finished jewelry pieces,
head on over to the Jewelry page.


  1. What an inspiring post today! I enjoy your process and that you share so much about where the pieces come from. The concepts. I am inspired by stones and rocks – of all sizes and shapes and colors. I have bowls of stones everywhere in the house, carry them in little precious bags in my handbags, and have river stones and rocks everything around the outside of the house and on the property. I particularly love your TREE jewelry. and I love raku because of the process and the unexpected changes that come through the fire and smoke.

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