❤️ Sending Love To You ❤️

“There is no remedy for love, but to love more.”

– Henry David Thoreau

we can all use more lovE, don’t you agree?

These roses sure do!

A lovely song for your enjoyment ❤️

❤️ Who would you like to send
a little bit of love to? ❤️

A bit of love in vase formHera’s Heart
Shipping included in US and Canada

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  1. Such lovely vase, I was just thinking if one person can hold on the top part of the vase (which will then become the waist of human) on potters machine, and second person can make the upper body of a women, man, child, then the neck ? Is it viable to make complete man, women , child on potter art ? Always, beautiful flowers in love with each other. I send love to all !

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