Things Are Looking Up!

Space is fascinating!

Which is why I enjoy making space themed items including Yodas, Buddhas, some mugs (coming soon!) and even planets themselves!

Raku planets!

It is an incredible place,
and in fact, we are all already in it!

Intergalactic Buddha Pendant
Free Shipping Included in US and Canada

How about you?

Do you often find yourself looking up at the stars, or being inspired by space?

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  1. I am fascinated and inspired by space. I got up several times last night to see the Buck Moon but it was too cloudy in my area. Also called the “Thunder Moon” and “Hay Moon” in North America, and the “Grain Moon” in the UK, this month’s full Moon was best seen minutes after sunset on Friday, July 23, 2021. I may be able to see it tonight, as it wanes, which is also supposed to be a spectacular sight.

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