Wednesday: Rising From The Ashes!

It’s The middle of the week and Sometimes we all need a little boost!

And to give you a little gusto, I wanted to share this vase story with you

Phoenix Reborn

This raku vase’s name was chosen by Mandy Lewis-Houston during our July 2019 Edition of ‘Name that Vase’. Mandy explains it as follows:

I would call it “Phoenix Reborn” for several reasons. First is a little on the nose since it’s Raku and forged in flame. The second is because, if I read your blog properly, this is the first work you have finished since your sad loss. Lastly because July has been stupid hot for almost everyone everywhere so this could be a lovely harbinger of cooler times since it’s out of the flames and hopefully so are we all.

Thank you so much Mandy for your touching suggestion. I am really drawn to this name and feel like she has captured the essence of this piece on many levels. You can check out Mandy’s artistic works on her website here.

You may read more about my experiences that caused me to choose this particular name here – “Working Through Grief” and if you would like to contribute a name/a bit of writing for this month’s Name That Vase, you can do so here. It’s just about wrapped up!

Phoenix Reborn – $80
Shipping Included In US and Canada

What do you think of this vase/story combination?

Hope you have a
wonderful rest of your week!

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