Ethereal Arboreal

The Tree of Life - Raku Pottery Sculpture

Trees have always meant
a great deal to me.

From climbing them as a kid,
to seeking solace in their shade,

to honouring them in glass

Tree of Life
‘Tree of Life’ – Beach Glass Window

or clay

Trees are home

Tree of Life Pendant $28
Shipping included in US and Canada

What do trees mean to you in your life?

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  1. So much beauty- you captured in this piece of art! Trees were the origin ! No short words can express it. I can lecture on this topic!

      1. hey hi, I love flowers more, but trees do give shadow esp. in heat to animals if not to humans anymore….And its green, full of life, tough to take pains, to bear fruits…and lots more. I can talk for an hour and even more on this 🙂 And this is beautiful piece.

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