Flashback Friday: A Vase With A Name!

~ Originally published January 2019 ~

A new name that vase (entries open now!) is available


‘The Many Fabled Vase’ was named such to honour the work of a number of writers and creatives who took the time to respond to my request for a story for the raku vase.

It is my pleasure to share all the poems, stories and written reflections.

Copper Tear”

I imagine a female giant who is made of copper. Her partner has left her to go to war against the ice giants of the North. When she realises he will never return she begins to cry copper tears but the ice giants bring winter to her land and the tears freeze leaving copper frost layering the outside of them…….

And to add the the fabulousness, Christine also wrote a story about this vase, which can be found here!

“Name That Vase”

For a cute adorable story about the ‘Many Fabled Vase’, be sure to check out this link here! It was the hands down winner for my partner, and I loved it too! Thank you Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life, for what I believe to be a heart warming story that will make you smile!

Crackled Dawn

raku pottery vase by The Alchemist's Studio

It had rained for three days. Three long shadowed, sulking days. She wondered if she would ever see the sun again. To find her way to her secret woods that could only be found by sunlight. No matter, she mused, slipping out of bed. I’m going today no matter rain or no rain. She needed to get out. And when she pushed the curtains back, a smile hit her lips. The crackled dawn told her that today was the day.


So beautiful! You could call it Persephone…it has the copper of autumn when she leaves to be with her husband Hades, and the green of spring when she returns to her mother Demeter.

raku pottery vase texture and finish

“Little Jupiter”

The ‘Dropout Professor’ took us all to poetry class with these beautiful verses! It is not the first time a vase had a story inspired by the planet.

So small and so stormy,
Splashed with thundering
Colors and slushy but rugged-like

Scary but somehow simple
the other sensational but
not so scrupulous in detail
from afar, but

You so close
A world in a vase;
An art-construct of
What is forever stormy-seasonal
to dream just beyond
Our world, Little Jupiter
Reminds us so.

‘Lil’ Momma Style suggested the name “Moonshine”. Yes, we will take a vase of that for ‘The Alchemist’s Studio”!

“Mount St. Helen’s Risen from the Ashes”

It reminds me of glasswear made from the ash of the Mount St. Helen’s volcano eruption in the early 1980’s. Beautiful works!

raku pottery vase texture and finish

Thank you Jo! You introduced me to this beautiful glasswear with your reflection!

“Venus” is what I would refer to this beauty as!

She is known for her love and beauty
Admired by all the Gods for how she shines
Her beauty will capture the one she belongs to!


I really loved this submission, which was a reflection of Taruna’s travel to what can only be described as on of the most magical places on Earth! Be sure to check out this writing about Lake Natron, which includes a beautifully written poem and some information about this place that looks like it is from another planet!

raku pottery vase by The Alchemist's Studio

~ Originally published January 2019 ~

A new name that vase (entries open now!) is available



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