Mugshot Monday

milk & One and a half teaspoons of sugar.

Mug 11 $35

Shipping Included in US and Canada

How do you take your coffee?

More mugs can be viewed here.

If you don’t see one for sale in the colour you like,
please contact us and we can work with you directly.


  1. I take my coffee in my mugs—not handcrafted as yours—can you do “carving designs” on it—-I shall buy yours soon !
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I love the steel blue colour of it myself 🙂 Hope you are keeping well!

    1. ooh yes! I was listening to a radio show about that yesterday and how its quite addictive as well! Not so great that coffee – but something that was pushed post-enlightenment – and the enlightenment may be partially due to it. Before that, people in Europe were drunk all the time as alcohol was safer to drink than the water. Coffee and tea changed that but it has a lot of negative impacts on sleep as well

      1. I agree, but these companies that pump the beans and liquids out doon’t care any more than the cigarette companies do. The all mighty dollar is more important than human life. Twisted…

  2. Black coffee and the stronger the better! I will occasionally add a little half & half but that’s if it’s weal coffee and needs some flavor 😉

    1. yes, I hear you – big on the strong coffee too. Americanos is what I drink (and that is still quite weak compared to actual espresso!)

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