The Queen of Heaven is Higher Than Bill Clinton

Our raku pottery vase for this week is called “Mary J. Vase” and tells the tale of a ‘Queen of Heaven’, aromatic offerings that were not only sure to delight her, but also her adherents, and a long history of others who also enjoyed such offerings, including a United States President. And in case you have not yet figured it out yet, the ‘J’ stands for Jane!

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(not actually) Meanwhile In Mesopotamia

Often considered the cradle of civilization, Mesopatamia birthed Ishtar – considered the ‘Queen of Heaven.’ Ishtar was worshipped across the land as a healing goddess and as a primal spiritual figure. Her popularity would transcend several civilizations, including the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Even ancient Egypt would fall under her spell and worship her!

But what was that magical secret to her popularity?

UnLike other gods,

Worship of Ishtar required ‘high’ tribute. Her favourite offering was a certain aromatic herb that is thought to be cannabis. It is said it not only has healing properties, but it could also turn your eyes red, and incidentally get you high (and probably gave you the munchies!)

If you are making an offering to Ishtar, you may need these.

Perhaps When former United States President Bill Clinton was asked if he smoked cannabis, A better answer than “I didn’t Inhale” would have been

Celebrations of Ishtar live on today

but mostly without the aromatic offerings.

Indeed, one of the main holidays to honour her happened each Spring Solstice and featured flowers, painted eggs and rabbits.

Sound familiar?

Just make sure if you choose to participate in those aromatic offerings you don’t eat all your children’s Easter candy.

Actually Meanwhile – back in Canada

Cannabis is totally legal, but now offerings are made to our Prime Minister by way of tax revenues!

What did you think of today’s raku pottery vase and our story? Let me know in the comments below!

If you have other comments about this post or cannabis in general, just keep in mind the words of another famous Mary J!

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