Riding on the Intergalactic Fantastic!

Intergalactic Yoda is back and has Brought a friend!

Intergalactic Yoda Pendant – $28
Free Shipping In US and Canada
Intergalactic Buddha Pendant – $28
Free Shipping In US and Canada

We also have this galaxy-themed vase which makes a great pairing with a piece of the above Jewelry.

Intergalactic Vase and Intergalactic Pendant – $65
Free Shipping In US and Canada

If you have a space lover as your lover, have we got the perfect gift for you, and them, but like this vase, there is only one available.

Launch your relationship to the cosmos. If you act now, you can buy this vase and your choice of Yoda or Buddha pendant for $65!

This includes shipping in the US and Canada.

Only one available!


      1. Creative, imaginative people have a keen sense all their own. Amazes me always what you do, and for that you have a force all you’re own. You’re quite welcome.

  1. I would love to purchase the vase for my husband whose head is always looking up to the stars. Can you please let me know where I can purchase it?

    1. HI Ilene! How lovely!

      Are you intersted in a piece of the jewelery listed on the page there as well or the vase alone?

      If vase and jewelry, there is a paypal button right below the image of the vase and it can be used to purchase both.

      If separate, it would be great if you could contact us at http://rakupottery.ca/contact so we can get that sorted for you. 🙏

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