UPDATE: The Prize Vase Is Glazed And Fired!

Win this vase!

We completed a raku firing yesterday and one of the many items out of the kiln and cleaned is the prize vase!

Here are a few closeups!

And just as the garden grows, I am reminded of something else I am trying to grow!

Our pottery giveaway!

But I can’t do this without your help!

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Our ‘Great Pottery Giveaway’ items so far with more to come!

Once we hit 450 subscribers another item will be added to the giveaway and then even more will be added as people sign up!

The basket grows with your help!

Creating the vase above from raw clay

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And please let me know in the comments what you think of the new vase!

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you Val! That is very kind of you to say. 🙏 I hope that me sharing may continue to help and I hope you are doing well

    1. Thank you! I thought so as well. I enjoy seeing the pieces go through the different stages of the raku process and not knowing how it will turn out. It’s a lot of fun!

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