Update – Day 15 – A Vase A Day Keeps The Anxiety Away


We will be getting these vases into a kiln for a bisque firing (once it stops raining so much!) The soonest we can do so, we will and then we can move onto next steps with glazing and firing!

Continuing to pull

From what I have learned around how pottery has helped my PTSD, my plans to help manage the stress and anxiety on lockdown are simple: I will be making a new vase for each day.

I aim to continue updating this post each day with my latest lockdown vase!


Or at least that is the plan.

You can also see finished vases (ie not raw clay) here

Day 15

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‘Making a vase a day keeps the anxiety away’.

Let me know what you think of the latest vase(s) in the comments below.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. Oh I like the shape of this one, and its long neck ^_^
    Fingers crossed the weather stays clear soon so you can fire and glaze them.

  2. Wow! So much fun! I’m sorry you are in lock down, so stressfull-but you are making the best of it for sure! I’m so thankful I have my yard & gardens – specifically my seeds & seedlings to focus on! I’m chatting more and more about my possible kiln room, and my possible studio – i worry i will have so many clay pieces that no one will want any of them. It’s a bit like my sewing, it was great when everyone got their first dish cloth, but after the third or fourth one the excitement kind of fizzeled out! Any advice? If you were to go back and redo your space what would you do differently?

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