Poseidon’s Adventure Home

Poseidon has had a new adventure!

He has travelled all the way from Canada, over the great depths of his kingdom of the Atlantic Ocean, and to Germany. Specifically to Gina’s House.

Thank you, Gina, for sharing this picture of Poseidon’s Adventure in his new kingdom!

“Now all I have to do is find the right spot for it,
the glaze is irresistibly iridescent and I hope I can manage!”
From one side of the Atlantic to the other!


  1. Yes Priscilla, you bet I did! I was scared of haing it shipped so far, but the Alchemist turned into a Packeteer and did an excellent job, the Poseidon vase arrived without a scratch. It will noe eat up all those bad thoughts and bad ideas that ruined my life the past 7 years. All will be water and cleansed and flowing for us fish – Pisces people. Thank you

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