1 Week In – LockDown Again: A Vase A Day Keeps The Anxiety Away

Update below: It’s been a week in lockdown

We’ve had a sudden surge in our covid cases, due in part to travellers from within Canada breaking their entry isolation requirements, and university students partying – and posting pictures online with all of their tickets for public health violations.

To the credit of our government their response was swift. We are restricted to our household bubble and trips for essential items only. Hopefully this will be enough to combat the variants, which were all brought here from travel, because we have a serious lack of vaccines here compared to the UK and USA.

My plans to help manage the stress and anxiety is simple. I will be making a new vase for each day of this two week lockdown. Or at least that is the plan.

UPDATE: It has been announced that this lockdown is highly likely to be extended past the two weeks. This was not unexpected, but of course I was hoping for otherwise.

I aim to continue updating this post each day with my latest lockdown vase!

You can also see finished vases (ie not raw clay) here

Day 7

previous days’ vases

Day 6
Day 4
Day 2
Day 5
Day 3
Day 1

‘Making a vase a day keeps the anxiety away’.

Let me know what you think of the latest vase(s) in the comments below.

Stay safe everyone!


    1. Thank you for your kindness and support. I hope you are keeping safe and well 🙏

  1. It’s a shame that some people need o ruin it for soo many more … Over here, we’ve been in lockdown since some time before Christmas and at some point it does get easier. Vaccination in Germany is a joke. While the numbers look nice, they didn’t even take care of all medical staff or teachers yet.
    It is great you have so much talent. Don’t let the time get to you. It’s gonna be alright.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support. It is much appreciated. Stay well 🙏

  2. Sorry to hear about the possible lockdown extension. I love the smooth curves of all your lockdown vases so far, but I think my favorite is day 3 because it looks welcoming and serene.

    1. Thank you Priscilla! I am glad to hear that that shape resonates with you 🙏 Keep well!

  3. Stay safe! We are Canadians living in the US and we were both so happy when we got our 2nd vaccines. Still masking and distancing, thought, too. Love the vases!

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