This Week At The Studio In Photos

Tomato seedlings getting their start!
Making a vase a day to deal with anxiety as part of this most recent covid lock down.

This is day 2’s vase. You can see more here! Day 4’s will be up later today!

The flower buds on the maple tree have the treetops firey red!
We got to know the local Flora and fauna!
Flora’s Hope
Shipping Included In US and Canada
Wild flowers that come out every spring

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. I love the detail shots of the tree and the little flowers popping up from the winter deposits in the landscape. That curvy vase is going to be a beauty! Your week looks promising. My week was a perfect ending to April – with publications coming out in one anthology and 2 literary magazines – and the publication of my fifth book which came out on April 14 and 15. All’s well as we cleaned off the Dry Landscape Garden for spring. Everything is awakening now –

    1. Thank you, Lynda! Glad to hear that spring is coming along there and congratulations on the publication of your new book and so many other pieces!

  2. Spring is in full swing here as well.
    I am grateful this week because Husband has been given the second dose of this vaccine. With every dose we give, it keeps more and more safe.

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