On The Wheel Wednesday – Video Edition

This week’s ‘On The Wheel Wednesday’ is going 3D, brought to you live in video! And I am making a vase for someone very special. It might even be you!

As promised, here is the vase I have made for our ‘Great Pottery Giveaway‘! You can win thise vase, which will be fired and galzed, and the items pictured below. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter here, and you will be entered to win automatically! And the more people who subscribe, the more items I add!

want to win This raku pottery vase?

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I plan on making more videos for you all, so it’d be great to know a few people are watching!

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    1. Thank YOU Jane! so lovely to hear you enjoy it 🙏 I hope you are keeping well!

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