A Piece Of Our Story – Our First Ever Blog Post (November 9, 2018): Confessions Of A Pot-a-holic

Raku pottery, vases made in Canada

I have a confession to make, and that is that I am a pot-a-holic.  No, I don’t mean cannabis, which has recently been legalized here in the great white north!  I am talking Broken Raku Pottery Vasesabout the art of raku pottery.  No visine required!  I do not think there is anything I do not like about it, except for maybe when the kiln gods are unkind and a pot breaks.

You see, for me, finding my love of raku pottery was like winning the lottery.  It came at a time in my life where I felt I needed to challenge myself artistically, and let me tell you, it has been a challenge!  And there is so much more to learn.  You see with pottery, the learning never stops.  You can always throw taller, wider, faster and thinner.

FORakuFireThe whole process of creating a piece, feeling the clay in my hands, the guilty pleasure of the zen moment when I center the clay on the wheel and it glides in my hands, to the flames of the reduction bin, and of course scrubbing off the ash and debris to reveal my final prize.


Raku Pottery Christmas Tree - Turquoise & Metallic
Raku Christmas Tree – Turquoise & Metallic


In the early days, there were many disappointments, and many moments where I wanted to walk away from pottery.  I have made MANY ugly pieces of pottery.  I feel like I owe some of my family and friends an apology for all the ugly mugs, vases and other pottery items I gave them as gifts in my first year of throwing. Have hope, Christmas is coming!

The Alchemist

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    1. Yes, we are – and it has taught me so much of life how we are the clay and the potter as well. Our lives are the art we create. ❤

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