Oh The Humanity!

Ceramics is the oldest form
of technology we have.

After cooking meat, baking clay was the first thing that humans did to chemically alter our environment on purpose. You can’t make rice without cooking it in some kind of vessel, so clay pots go hand in hand with agriculture – our whole evolution is connected to it.

There’s only a short period of history in which people haven’t been connected with pottery. There’s something incredibly grounding about an experience that connects you with the past like that.

– Tallie Maughan

Pit firing is an integral part of who we are as a species.

Pit-fired pieces have been found created by civilizations the world over with a story that goes back 30,000 years.

There is something inherently and deeply human about the process which is why we wanted to bring this proposal to you – our fellow humans.

88 ? – $88
Shipping Included in US and Canada

Our pit-fired vases do not have names

And as our co-mo sapiens we would like to request your help in naming them!

fellow humans

what do you think would make a great name/story for this vase – currently known as 88?


  1. As an ancient history nerd, I’ve always been interested in pottery (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but probably quite some time ago). I have always wanted to make a Roman-style amphora but I lack the tools and it’s quite a bit outside of my technical capabilities still, haha.

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