She Saw The Beginning, She Saw The End, But She Didn’t See This

This weeks raku pottery vase is called ‘Völuspá‘ and tells the tale from the dawn of creation to the end of the world, of an oracle known as a volva, who saw it all, and her audience with Odin, the god of wisdom, poetry, death, magic and divination.

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If you are a god of poetry, magic and divination

And a volva/seeress tempts you with ancient and future knowledge, you’d be sure to grant her an audience and see her. That’s just what Odin did.

How could he resist after the seeress flaunted that she was raised by giants.

It certainly seemed like she was a big deal.

The seeress related the creation myth of the Earth, and the appearance of Ymir, a primeval being, whom the gods, including Odin would make the Earth from. His body would become the Earth itself, his blood the oceans, and his brains the clouds. It seems that our friend Ymir that we are walking all over was a bit of an airhead.

And for that we should all be grateful- since essentially we live on them.

Close-up of Völuspá. She sure looks primordial soupy!

We humans often think we are a big deal

But just as a reminder of how small we really are in the grand scheme of things, we came after the gods, the giants, various other mythical beasts and the dwarves.

Seers for Tears

The seeress then went on to tell the tale of the Yggdrasil, which some of our readers who’ve been with us for awhile, or anyone who has purchased our book, cough cough, may remember this piece.

You can see more photos of this delicate piece that defied the odds and survived a raku firing and read the story of this mythical tree here.

The seeress then goes on

To speak of Ragnarok – the end of the world – where all the gods meet their end. Including Odin.

That’s what you get Odin for your giant sized curiosity and being charmed by a volva!

But fear not!

After Ragnarok, a new world is born, more abundant then ever.

Thus the cycle continues.

Shipping Included In US and Canada

What did you think of the seeress’ prophecy, and Odin discovering that he too was mortal? And how did you like our latest raku pottery vase? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Ahh! lovely way to explain the pink! Now I will be thinking about Voluspa having pink cheeks! 😀 I hope you are keeping safe and well! 🙏

      1. Thank you, kindly. I can’t wait to sell some of this rubbish writing so I can buy one of your stellar vases. I think when I see mine, I will know it’s meant to be. Am staying well, wishing you same. K.

  1. Always a delight to read your stories of things I do not know about! Thanks for sharing! I love your work and so admire your skill. Though I am a lover of pinks and purple, I lean towards the earthly colors for pottery. I’m an odd duck for sure!

    1. No need to explain! We like what we like 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment and so glad you enjoy the stories! 🙏

    1. It’s a wonderful song! Heck I love Tears for Fears in general. Thanks for your kind comment, John!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I appreciate your kind comment! 🙏 I do love that song, and many Tears for Fears songs admittedly.

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