It’s getting hygge in here

Hygge is the Danish concept of being cozy.

And it can be made where you are.

There is nothing quite like being cozy inside when the outside world is wrapped in a blanket of fresh snow.

Hot chocolate and waffles are on the menu for dinner today!

What is your coziest memory or favourite way to be cozy?


  1. I love to have folded quilts all around the house on the couch and sofa seats. Everyone grabs them to throw on when it gets a little chilly in the evenings. Pretty warm during the day here in the desert.

    1. Ahh yes! nothing like a cozy blanket! We have them around here too, and in fact, I am using one as I type this! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have fond memories of being bundled up eating grilled cheese and tomato soup and watching Courageous Cat & Motor Mouse cartoon at night while the snow fell outside. I don’t know which if any of that is a real memory, but grilled cheese and tomato soup are still comfort foods for me…

    1. Very nice. Definitely a wonderful evening.

      I hope you are keeping safe and well (and cozy!)

  3. We very rarely get snow here 🙁 But a fire would add to the coziness if we did have any. Cosy and warm.

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