This Week At The Studio In Photos

Turquoise Sunrise was sent off to it’s new home!
The forest on a clear day reminds of looking up close
at the retina of a blue eye
New owls were added to the Raku Owl page, including this
Floral Owl – $75
Shipping Included In US and Canada
Cozy and warm inside the Alchemist’s Studio

Hooray! This Pit-Fired Vase sold and will be shipped off this week!

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. Went to Georgia to pick up love and Marry her.Also to have mover collect her furniture.Had been quoted $4000. Then when she needed assitance packing total went to $6000.They were to arrive on Saturday.The movers were a day late then they upped their fee. I was to give then $1600 to get the stuff after they arrive.They took $2600.They they said they’d do it all for $8800. I’m a non profit blogger writer poor as a church mouse. Tusday I owe them 1500 or they refuse to unload. How is this not illigal.Boy do I have a head ache.

    1. That’s appalling, Val – I have read about this happening in America, thankfully it’s something I have yet to read about here in the UK.
      You say this is happening in in Georgia, I did a search and found these websites that could prove of interest. It appears to operate as a moving business in Georgia, they require a licence:

      If you have in writing what the agreed sum was, and they are refusing to release your partner’s belongings to you without paying an additional fee, I would call your local police department.

  2. Thankyou very much. The fee had been $4000.Then we needed boxes and packing assistance for somethings.We were told that our boxes weren’t good enough.They were new boxes.Then they did take some.Then they say had to do another estimate.We had already told them what we had. So they upped the price to $7000.Then they said for $8800 they’d take everything. I don’t have that.What money I had was for my trip out and tge $1600 that I was told to give them that day.So I used one of the grand I had on me to take off the bill. So I gave them $2600 a small fortune for this disablied writer. I backed the delivery up a day till Tuesday.We were snow bound in Tennessee. They had been a day late. They need $1500 Tuesday or will not unload. Signed a thing so much per pound. This is highway robbery.

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