A ‘Great Pottery Gift Basket’ For You

We are doing one


give away this year!

And not only can you win, but you can help determine how many things go in the prize basket! To participate, all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter here:

As our newsletter audience grows, so will the number of pieces of pottery I add to the basket!

One lucky winner will receive what I hope to be a grand haul of pottery!

We will start things off small, with this tiny piece below:

Starting off with a tortoise in the race may seem to be a foolish strategy, but remember, in the end
they were the one who won

And maybe you will too! Sign up for our newsletter today for your chance, and you may win this gift basket, with which your help will be full of great items!

Don’t worry if you’ve already signed up – you are already entered! Please feel free to follow us on our social media (top right of page) and share the contest so we can add even more pieces of pottery to the gift basket.


  1. I adore your pottery. When the $ is a bit freer from our health care system which is usually about 1/3 the way into the year there’s about a dozen pieces I’d love to adorn our mountain home in the Sierra foothills of California. They’re befitting the natural beauty of our land with its red shoulder hawks, horned owls, stellers jays, house wrens, hummingbirds, foxes, skunks, white tailed deer, bobcats, mountain lions, lizards and toads but no turtles. They’d make a lovely meal for most of the aforementioned larger animals that live here. ❤️

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