When you wake up from a dream and realize it’s not actually 30,000 years ago

Pit fired pieces have been found have been dated back to 29,000 to 25,000 BCE!

What was life like then? We have some ideas, but it definitely involved pit fired pottery!

In fact, it was considered a great milestone in the development of civilization – in part because people were tired of drinking their wine out of wooden buckets. Pit Firing is the oldest known method of firing pottery known to humans.

Revisiting my first Pit Firing

As part of a celebration of the neat things that make us human (and An over all update to the website)

The Pit Fired Pottery Page (yay alliteration!) has been updated with some wonderful new photos – like the one below – by Peter Reid Photography.


See more pit fired vases here

now for the celebration!

The first person to buy a pit fired piece will receive a thank you gift along with your vase! I’ll pick out something cool for you, because this is my first time selling pottery fired with this technique, but it’s definitely not my first time firing pottery this way.

Looking forward to sending a pit-fired vase to it’s new home!

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