Libraries: Making Shhh Happen! #IReadCanadian

As part of #IReadCanadian

ISBN thinking about being an author and wanted to share that my first book, ‘A Potter’s Dream: Myths & Legends‘ was purchased by the Strathcona County Library! Thanks to the staff at the library for adding my book to your hallowed halls!

Thinking about this geeky kid who hid in the library and got lost in the stacks.

That kid never imagined their book would be in one! One library today, who knows how many in the future! No holds bard!

If you’re not booked with too much other reading and want to get your hands on a copy of my book, you can do so here! But if you are just here for the puns that is okay too! You can subscribe to our newsletter here for more of them and to keep up to date on all the goings on in the studio, special events and offers.

And if you want to encourage your local library to get a copy, send them this link!

A big thank you to libraries everywhere!


  1. Congrats on being granted entry into such a fine and esteemed establishment <3
    (As someone who works for a library, I do agree, they are amazing)

    1. Oh wonderful to hear! I do love libraries and hope that came through in the post! Stay well!

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