This rock solid parenting tip may not be as helpful as it was at the time

The Aboriginal people in the north west of the United States told early explorers a tale about a mountain called Louwala-Clough, which is also the name of our raku pottery vase shown here.

You may know this mountain as Mount St. Helens.

According to legend, this mountain used to be a beautiful woman who was named Loowit. There were two braves, who happened to be brothers that were vying for her love. These were not just any two braves, for they were the sons of the Great Spirit, Sahale.

Unfortunately, Loowit spoiled by choice, could not decide which of these brothers to choose.

This only intensified the rivalry between the two brothers Wyeast and Klickitat. They fought intensely, leaving a fiery trail of destruction around them, throwing rocks and liquid fire at one another, burning villages and forest alike.

Their father, the Great Spirit, Sahale grew weary of the destruction caused by his battling sons and the indecisive beauty Loowit. In a move that would be frowned upon by any of today’s authorities on parenting, but probably very much appreciated by the locals of the time, he decided to smite all three of them.

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In their place he erected three mountain peaks, Loowit was turned to a beautiful snow covered peak (Mount St. Helens), Wyeast (Mount Hood) with his head raised in pride, and Klickitat (Mount Adams) with his gaze fixed on Loowit for all of eternity – or until erosion ultimately gets the better of the three.

Now due to her indecisiveness Loowit gets to spend what will seem like an eternity with two rock solid men and is spared the anguish of choice.


  1. Wow! I love reading mythology like that but I am glad we don’t discipline like that πŸ˜‚ I also LOVE that blue. I used to do pottery 40 years ago and I dreamed of colours like that.

    1. Thank you, Morgan! It is even more vibrant in person. We are working on getting the photos updated to show the colours even better. Lighting makes a big difference and there is nothing like seeing them in natural light.

      Also glad to not be turned into a rock by my family πŸ™ Keep well!

  2. Those colors you have on this vase are stunning — and I love the pedestal that she is exhibited on in your Nature Gallery.

    1. Thank you Lynda! There are a couple stumps around here we keep for that exact purpose. Love the way they interact with the pieces.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I too am glad I was not turned to stone by my parents πŸ™‚ Keep well!

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