On The Wheel Wednesday

Our personal history does not define the way things will be.

you can slip down the rabbit holes of would have, should have, could have.

or you can rise above what was, and be in the now.

what will your now look like?

What is one thing you do to be present in the now?

Let us know in the comments below and help inspire others!

Have a beautiful Day!

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  1. This one is lovely! Your first paragraph reminds me of how bothered I am with these stupid credit score TV commercials. They would have you feel and believe that you are nothing and nobody without a great credit score. Call me weird! πŸ˜‚

    1. Ok you are weird! haha πŸ˜› I understand what you mean and thank you for your kind comment John!

  2. I think being authentic (not rude, not brutally honest, no not that!) helps me stay “in the now.” If I’m doing something that matters to me, anything from the yukky chore of scrubbing the kitchen sink to the fun task of writing a new story, then I’m being authentic and in the now. It’s MUCH better than doing something simply because others expect me to like it or expect me to think it’s important.
    p.s. I love your pottery, and I’m going to enjoy a moment of “in the now” by browsing your photos.:-)

    1. Thank you Tish! It is amazing what variety one can get in necks and shoulders on vases! πŸ™

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