I earned my place in the 2020 hall of shame, but there’s a redemption story coming!

Just like the rest of you, 2020 was a strange year for me.

I came into it with big plans, and of course like everyone else, I had to change them. It’s hard to watch the world burning around you and continue to fiddle, or in my case do pottery, but for the most part I did.

Some of you may recall that in 2019, I completed an art project that was nearest and dearest to my hear: the Healing Vase. Together we laughed and cried, and maybe even healed a bit.

The Healing Vase

I started an art project in 2020, called the Vase of Dreams in response to the many crises we faced. It was a guttural calling. An intense desire to somehow in my own small way put intentions out there for a better world. I had also intended to do a Healing Vase project for 2020 as well.

For those who were looking forward to these projects and seeing the final results, I apologize.

I just wasn’t feeling the right energy and in the right mindset for these projects. For me 2020 was a year of introspection, personal healing, and some sort of naive shock at the state of the world.

But 2021 brings a new year, a chance to bring new energy back into the mix and rekindle old flames. Like the reduction flames that we will need to kiss this vase.

If you have a dream for a better world, you can help and participate in this project!

Be sure to share those dreams in the comments below, because sometime next week, weather permitting, I will be firing this vase. Finally. And with that firing process, I’ll be adding everyone’s intentions from 2020 and the ones from this post as part of the reduction material that creates the effects on this vase, ‘now with glaze’ below.

So …

Let me know what changes you would like to see to make the world better for everyone. These can be systemic, or even personal changes you want to make! Tell us in the comments below, OR, if you feel more comfortable you can email us your submission!

The dream is alive! Sending good vibes to you all. Stay safe and well!


  1. As if the world doesn’t have enough other problems to solve, we humans are causing untold damage through deforestation.
    The world needs to become greener, in more ways than one. *hint*

  2. As much as I reveal ya transparency brings me to tears 😭 and I can’t finish watching the healing vase video as it stirs up So much emotions πŸ™β™’οΈπŸ•πŸ˜’βœ”οΈ

  3. β€œIt’s hard to watch the world burning around you and continue to fiddle, or in my case do pottery, but for the most part I did.” I also felt I was fiddling while Rome burned as I kept a Pandemic Sketchbook, but your vase firing sounds awesome! I’m sending well-intentioned but non-specific hope for 2021

    1. Thank you Anne! We will take your “well-intentioned but non-specific hope” πŸ™ Stay well!

  4. I can relate. I’m a writer and had such a time with having the focus to write. But as you say, things are better now, more hopeful. I am ready to get back to creating. Glad you are too.

    1. Great to hear things are coming back around. It’s a good feeling! πŸ™ Stay well, LuAnne!

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