From The Desk Of Chairman Meow


I know
you’ve missed me.

I, Chairman Meow, have been busy preparing for winter because the humans are not doing it the right way. I am much more effective than they are – but they don’t ever admit it. One day they will learn the error of their ways but until then I will continue sharing with them my newest lewk.

the chairman scowl™


When I am not doing my little turns on the catwalk,
I have been working on my project.

Alone without their help.

They are truly terrible royal subjects.

please admire My Butts

Chairman Meow’s Cat Butt Magnets
Price Includes Shipping In US and Canada

That is all for now.

You’re welcome.

You can learn more about the humans work here at The Alchemist’s Studio and what they are all about in just one minute. They have this introductory video and told me to add something about signing up for a newsletter? I don’t even know what that is. Anyway, once they hit 500 subscribers, they will be doing another giveaway of something. There are some other animal things here too.

It better not be a giveaway of Chairman Meow.


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