Christmas cheer from the heart of my bottom


I know you’ve missed me.

I, Chairman Meow, have been busy preparing for winter because the humans are not doing it the right way. I am much more effective than they are – but they won’t ever admit it.

They are strange animals.

I have also been working on my project – again on my own – which has taken some time as I do not have thumbs. Using the kiln was more difficult than I thought but I am extremely smart so I figured it out quickly.

I just made the humans do it for me.

So here they are.

My Butts.

Chairman Meow’s Cat Butt Magnets
Price Includes Shipping In US and Canada
(if you have a particular colour in mind – please contact the humans as I do not care)

Now with that out of the way I can get back to more important things.

You’re welcome.

You can learn more about the humans work here at The Alchemist’s Studio and what they are all about in just one minute. They have this introductory video and told me to add something about signing up for a newsletter? I don’t even know what that is. Anyway, once they hit 500 subscribers, they will be doing another giveaway of something. There are some other animal things here too.

It better not be a giveaway of Chairman Meow.

I’m the only one who knows what is really going on around here.


    1. He also wants me to make sure that people know he is not only creative, but humble and very handsome as well. 🐱

    1. Thank you! He says he knew people would like them as he is obviously very good at making pottery, especially compared to humans. 🐱

  1. Oh thank you very much, what an inspirational message from the Chairman. I was feeling a bit deflated today and this has cheered me up ^_^

    1. Thank you! he will receive his royalities in kitty kibbles, which are pretty much the only thing he actually likes to eat! 🐱

    1. He says thank you, and “I knew they would because I am really great at pottery, obviously” 🐱

    1. Ill pass on that message to him, though I think he may already think he is the most interesting being in the world lol!

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