This holiday is going to be the Pits.

But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing!

Pit firing is the first method that man used to fire pottery almost 30,000 years ago. It was considered a great milestone in the development of civilization, in part because people were tired of drinking their wine out of wooden buckets.

With such an interesting story behind these pieces, and their ethereal smokey qualities with small splashes of textures and depth, they would make a welcome gift for someone who likes unique and eclectic one of a kind pieces that are worth beholding.

From now until January 1st, if you are the first to buy a piece from our most recent firing, you will receive for 10% off. You can check out our selection of pit fired pieces here.

Prices have already been reduced on the page and include free shipping to the United States and Canada.

See more pit fired vases here

To sweeten the pit, the first person to buy a pit fired piece will receive a small gift of my choosing! I’ll pick out something cool for you, because this is my first time selling pottery fired with this technique, but it’s definitely not my first time firing pottery this way.

Looking forward to sending a pit-fired vase to it’s new home!

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  1. Fire Away! going to the PITS is a great thing – I love pottery that is fired like that. BTW, you package arrived yesterday. Oh, My goodness. I will post photos of the things I got from you on my blog in a couple of days – but we are thrilled with all of them. I am enjoying my Caribou coffee right now in my delightful new mug from your studio. You packing was fantastic – the best I’ve ever had – thrilled with it all. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Lynda! So glad to hear it made it there, you like everything, and very excited to see your photos! I hope your coffee was fantastic and that you are keeping well! 🙏

  2. These are so beautiful. I wish my house was bigger so I could have a gallery.

    I want to pit-fire a piece. My clay-sculpture teacher knows another artist who has the outdoor facilities. Maybe when Covid-19 restrictions lift and I can get back into the art association’s studio….

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