I can’t stop hearing it when I hear this song!

Do you ever hear songs and change the words?

This is actually one of the my favourite past times! And music is playing around here all the time. Just ask my cat Chairman Meow, who has been immortalized in song a thousand times over.

This Lady Gaga song and a special offer from our studio may have you applauding. From now until Wednesday, December 9th at 1159EST, you can select any raku vase and save 10 percent off of the purchase price. You can check out our selection here, and be sure to click on the name of the particular vase to see more pictures and the story of the vase.

Once you find a vase you like, DO NOT, purchase it from the page, but rather email us here, so we can apply your discount and send you the correct payment amount.

All of these vases are unique and one of a kind and make a great gift for those who love art or handmade items. You can learn more about our process in the video below:

Don’t want to miss out on seeing all the available deals during this sale? Sign up for our Newsletter today. We will be sending out a summary of all of our sale items Sunday night, and you will have a chance to win some free pottery once we hit 500 subscribers, which I am hoping will be before the holidays!

And just in case you missed it, the rest of our flash sale can be viewed by clicking



  1. I have always loved this song. The beat always gets the good vibes. It does make me laugh though too. When I was younger the first time I remember seeing the word applies, I was watching Aladdin and the genie had just did his big performance once out of the lamp. And for the longest time I thought it said applesauce. I also know that Lady Gaga struggled with drugs in her early years with music so I really admire how far she has come in her evolving as an artist and a woman.

    1. that is what gets the song stuck in my head actually! instead of applause I sing “Raku Vase, Vase, Vase” 🙂 I am glad you like the glazes as well 🙏 Keep well!

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