Flying free!

We are excited to share that another owl has left the nest! Thank you to Michelle for her support in our Alchemist’s Studio adventure with this one-of-a-kind red owl that is off to become a holiday gift!

So what is it like having a raku owl living
at your house anyway?

Goodbye Red Owl! Thank you for not being a hoax!
(If you are curious about other colours, please get in touch )

Well . . . it’s certainly easier than this!

“IN THE WILD, the father owl hunts relentlessly. He has to provide approximately six mice per baby per night. The usual brood is five babies. The father also has to feed his mate, who never leaves the nest and eats about three mice per day. And he must feed himself about four mice a day. This adds up to some thirty-seven full-grown mice every night during nesting season.”

― Stacey O’Brien, Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl

The Alchemist’s Studio is proud to guarantee that our Raku Owls do not require collecting of 37 mice a night during nesting season!

and that is a promise we can definitely keep.

*PLEASE NOTE: If it does start requiring 37 nightly mice,
we think you may have a larger problem on your hands.

Happy Tuesday!


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