Holiday Highlight

“Your path you must decide.”


Double-Sided Chromium Yoda Ornament
Shipping in US and Canada Included

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      1. Something small like that may not be too bad. I can find out if you like?

      2. You’re right it wouldn’t be too much as far as the pocketbook is concerned. I’d opt for FedEx or dhl instead as our “post” has a tendency to opt in to packages they deem interesting. 🤣 what would FedEx cost?

      3. On FedEx shipping alone would be around 150US.

        On Canada Post with tracking cheapest would be 42USD or without tracking (could take 4-12 weeks) it would be included. Sounds like Canada post packages may not be the way to go for it to actually get to you though

      4. I usually purchase things when traveling that side due to postage issues. That ornament really is cute though. I’ll hopefully travel next year (COVID allowing) and catch up on these things.

      5. I can understand that! Looking forward to travelling once again as well.

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