This Week At The Studio In Photos

Rose bush foliage at the Joggins Fossil Centre
We shared pictures and a background of the Election Box!
Patterns of lichen on the rocks. Raku pottery can sometimes look like this!

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. Always interesting – your pictures make me feel almost like I’m outside my box in Dallas. I can smell the woods I grew up in in Massachusetts.
    (I could do without the spider, though. I hate spiders….)

    1. Thank you! I try to take natural photos where I can. 🙏 im glad the photos help feel a little in the woods!

  2. I always love your weekly random photos. Love the election box – My week? It was really a great one. My book cover is in the Book Cover of the Month Contest at AllAuthor dot com – and when they eliminated 275 book covers on Saturday, mine was still there as one of the top 100. Now, the next elimination will be 50 – on Saturday. I am hoping my cover makes it through again – the book is “Walking by Inner Vision; Stories & Poems, by Lynda McKinney Lambert – it has a brilliant yellow flower, a Yellow Crown Beard- on a deep green background – my own photo. This week began when I caught the feral cat that I’ve been trying to catch for over a year – he will go to the vets today for shots and neutering, and tomorrow will be back here and in the house with the other cats – so it can only go uphill from here. Right?

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