Thursday Throwdown November 5, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Battle Of The Vases!

It’s vase-to-vase combat like you have never seen before!

How it works: We share two vases and YOU vote which is your favourite! The winner will then move on to the next round to face another competitor!

Evangeline has come in from the ropes and is again the undefeated champion with Mount Olympus shivering in the corner. What could happen next! What competitor could break Evangeline‘s winning streak?

Get your votes in below!

The Series so far.

Gorgeous Vases of No Contact Wrestling

And so it was that evangeline went back to rest… For now. Two new vases have entered the kiln!

Make It Work $88

This shapely vase, titled ‘Make it Work’ is named in honour of Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame and his ever popular and perfectly timed catch phrase, and all those who mentor and support artists. Thank you for many years of laughs and entertainment. Emerging artists need mentors like you, stylish experts like Heidi Klum, and critics who can tell you ‘no bueno’ when you are going in the wrong direction like Nina Garcia. Looking forward to Season 17!

Old Soul $85

This Vase was a Name That Vase entrant! Thank you to winner aimeredleaf for their name and poem. Congratulations!

Old Soul

For a time I held you
Though you could not be kept.
The rush of your leaving
Left me cracked in ways that cannot
Be seen.
Do not mourn for me, for I
Know what it is to embrace
The deep where the fear of
Desire resides.

Who will be your victor? Be sure to get your vote in BELOW!

Their fate is now in your hands!

We will share the winner (and update from last week!) next Thursday!


  1. I got this post-it was titled something about not liking christmas partys. The body of post was a vase competition.The other one with same title said I was not allowed to see it????good bye

  2. I think ya should copyright your introduction Jajaja I hear ya on the microphone 🎙 ya voice Booming as the vases walk in ready for the Battle Royale. If ya knew how to CGI the two every Thursday night; ya ratings I am sure would beat Thursday night football 🏈😆💪🍾🗽🙏♒️🐕🔥

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