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“Poseidon had a very unappetizing start to his life.

His father ate him.

At least he didn’t like his babies cooked.”

Poseidon’s Adventure$202
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  1. Poseidon! Sushi of the Gods! I was playing my Serendipity Itinerary walk after posting my last and a last edit from the post I re-released earlier came blazing in to stop on a dime. Oh YES! Yes, I will add that. I will add that right up top. SaWEET. As I finished the edit… I thought, ‘oh right, The Alchemist’s Studio needs to fill this verbiage with an embedded link.” And, just as soon as I had the flash of a thought, POOF, I noticed the notification of your newest post. Well, I would have been remiss to stop when I was finished now, right? Always complete, never finished. The 1st 95% of the time? Sure, it takes the 1st 95% of the time. The last 5%? Well, it takes the other 95% of the time. So, here’s to you guys skating in under the wire with no limbo or pot cutting required. Goldilocks said Just Right. Had to include you. Enjoy! I am. 🙂

    And, ConGRATS on getting engaged. Already engaged in your work, and now stepping up even more. Congratulations! May you make blessings of memories in your perpetual present on the Potter’s Wheel of your lives together.

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