On The Wheel Wednesday

Let go, Be open to Coincidence.

Sometimes it happenes when we aren’t thinking. Have you ever noticed that when you are in the flow that suddenly small things start to go your way.

When we let go of our fear, shame and Pain, and live in the now …

Amazing things can happen, the right people come into our life and more bad days become good days.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that almost anything is possible. Imagine what is possible if you are open to coincidence and new ideas in the face of uncertainty. Just make sure you wear a mask.

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  1. Wow 🤩 love this post and the quotes truely mindful and so true.
    The message within them resonates this end thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Keep safe and take care x

    1. It depends! Sometimes I have an idea and create it, other times I go in with no idea and let ut become what it becones, and sometimes it is a mix 🙂 thanks for your question! Keep well!

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