Thursday Throwdown October 22, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Battle Of The Vases!

It’s vase-to-vase combat like you have never seen before!

How it works: We share two vases and YOU vote which is your favourite! The winner will then move on to the next round to face another competitor!

Once again Mount Olympus has won with Draupnir lying on the wrestling mat in shards! Can our next competitor break this winning streak?

Get your votes in below!

Sorry to see you go!

Draupnir $74

The Series so far.

Gorgeous Vases of No Contact Wrestling

And so it was that A new competitor Has entered the ring and she isn’t going to take it sitting down!

Grandmother $75

This vase was a Name That Vase entrant. Thank you to winner fakeflamenco for your name and poem!


Shards of a womb
That brought forth life
Whose nurture and love
Sustain me still
Decades from her passing.

Mount Olympus $240

Zeus was not like the other gods. He knew what he wanted and he would get it. And he knew all it would take is a little bit of Magnum, Ferrari, or a dose of Le Tigre.

Unfortunately, meeting his philandering goals also meant killing mortals and upsetting the other gods and – much more than once – his goddess wife Hera.

“Zeus is here to set the record straight! What was Zeus to do? It was not his fault everyone wanted him! He was blessed with being “Zeus’ gift to women” everywhere! Surely, nobody could blame him for that!”

“This is complete ZeuSlander!”

Indeed, It was true that the people simply couldn’t resist him – Mostly due to him being an all powerful god,

Zeus. was. “IT.”

Zeus’ tangled love life (including many rather questionable relationships) resulted in all of these children.

His harem included

  • Leto who was the mother of Apollo and Artemis
  • Semele who was the mother of Dionysus
  • Maia who was the mother of Hermes
  • Dione who was the mother of Aphrodite
  • Hera, the wife of Zeus was the mother of Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus
  • Demeter, the sister and lover of Zeus, was the mother of Persephone

One thing was perfectly clear: By gods, he knew how to pose!

It was no freak gasoline fight accident that brought this vase to life, but rather, the magic of raku and when the ash was cleared, Zeuslander was left to ponder life’s important questions alone on Mount Olympus – forever searching for an answer to “why male models?”

Who will be your victor? Be sure to get your vote in BELOW!

Their fate is now in your hands!

We will share the winner (and update from last week!) next Thursday!


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