Name That Vase – October 2020

It’s time to share our winner and feature another vase in need of a name! Welcome to my monthly feature – ‘Name that Vase’.

For those who are new to this feature, ‘Name that Vase’ is where you can suggest a name, create a story, poem or prose for this raku pottery vase. Consider this your chance to be inspired, a writing prompt or a creative cue. You can check out a ‘Name that Vase’ post to see how it works, or if you are feeling nostalgic, you can check out the first ever ‘Name that Vase’ post that started what has now become a monthly tradition for our blog and readers.

This month we have a very special vase for your naming, but first we must congratulate last time’s winner Lynda McKinney Lambert for their name and write-up! Congratulations!

Abalone Sky

I suggest “Abalone Sky” for this powerful “vase-for-all-seasons,” and I wrote this poem for it.

abalone sky
Polynesian pearl in sunshine
silken snow melting
bronze leaf clusters on smoke tree
wet branches that feel satisfied

by Lynda McKinney Lambert


And into our new month!

Here is our vase for this month:

Please add what you think the name should be for this month’s vase and any associated poetry or story in the comments below. I look forward to reading all your great ideas!

If you have coronavirus on mind (as so many of us do right now) please check out this helpful post, B-B-B Bye Corona, Self-Care In The Time of Pandemic.


      1. Yes, though more so I saw some of that pale, olive, Cinnibar as well — avocado-ish light green with a twist color. Subtle, though it jumped out like sunbeams through the leaves.

  1. Here’s my contribution hope y’all like: Cartwheels underfoot Dharma wheels rising from the mist. Ochre, reds and blues Spinning into Being!
    Molds, vases and bricks Concrete thoughts Springing into Life!
    As we mold shape and cause the Path of 8 Spokes to speak for ya entire world 🌎.🙏🐕♒️😷

    1. I can see what you mean! It’s likely the result of the pattern of sawdust where it was sitting as the glaze reduced. 🙂

  2. I submit “Andromeda’s Genesis”

    There was something about the pattern on that made me think of the birth of a galaxy, perhaps of all creation. I did a search online and discovered a picture jarringly similar, of the large emission nebula IC 1396 in Cepheus.

    Here’s the link to the picture:{1F0EB747-560E-4784-84B7-CFEC053C5116}

    I continued down the rabbit hole and found the story of Cepheus & Cassiopeia and what they did to their daughter Andromeda before Perseus saved her.

    Forgive the free verse – I normally avoid poetry.

    Andromeda’s Genesis

    Clay spun out
    in a spiral nebulae
    Resembles Cepheus,
    Who with Cassiopeia
    Emits Andromeda
    She finds how worthless family can be
    They sacrifice her
    for the sins of the mother
    Yet saved by Perseus,
    she spends eternity with her hero in the sky.

    1. Wow that photo really DOES look like the vase. very cool! Thank you for your entry, William!

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