On The Wheel Wednesday

Many of us wish our belly was smaller. Maybe even this vase.

It is important to remain open to all the beauty that is you, including that belly!

Because like this vase, your curves are beautiful. You are beautiful.

You are perfectly imperfect! Which when you think of it, still means you are perfect, just the way you are. In this moment.

Self acceptance and care are beautiful things we can do for ourselves! This week, I challenge you to one act of self care! Tell us about something you are going to do for your self care in the comments below. This week I am going to be focused on my yoga practice and throwing!

You can learn more about our work here at the studio and what we are all about in just one minute. Check out our introductory video and subscribe to our youtube channel, which I am hoping to hitting 100 subscribers, so I can finally get my own link!


  1. Sorry alchemist – I’ll never be happy with a fat belly but although I have lost half a stone it doesn’t seem to have reduced. I want to know how Boris Johnson lost 26 pounds in a few weeks. Maybe the answer is on Google! I’m off to have a look.

  2. A pot belly on a pot is fine but not on me! 🤣 Exercise and eat in moderation is my goal that I endeavor to do everyday. I’m not always successful but I try.

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