On The Wheel Wednesday

Opening up is sometimes hard to do.

Unlike a Clay pot spinning on a wheel, people do not always open as easily.

But when you are open, amazing Miracles and Coincidences can happen. Love can flow from you to others.

And more Love can flow to you, when you are open and ready to Receive it. this week my hope for you all is to walk in love, despite the chaotic world in which we live.

Can you remember a time where you were open to something or someone you usually wouldn’t be and were pleasantly surprised or rewarded? Inspire us with your tale in the comments below.

You can learn more about our work here at the studio and what we are all about in just one minute. Check out our introductory video and subscribe to our youtube channel, which I am hoping to hitting 100 subscribers, so I can finally get my own link!


  1. The vase on the wheel need a name? The name Daphene comes to mind. Its shaped like a young girl-outgrowing her coltishness and just a
    hint of the woman she’ll become

    1. Ooh lovely, thank you Cheryl! I appreciate it and will give it consideration! The name often informs/depends on the glazing as well.

      I hope you are keeping safe and well ๐Ÿ™,

    1. Thank you for your kindness. What a lovely message to receive! I hope you are keeping well and bringing the love! <3

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