On The Wheel Wednesday

Sticking Your Neck Out

Sometimes we stick our neck out, for things we believe in, for those we love.

When we stretch to help others, we often learn and grow. We see things Differently.

It is in those moments we can add more love and Beauty to the world, through a simple act of kindness.

Can you remember a time where you learned something from helping someone? Inspire us with your tale in the comments below.

Recently, I’ve tested a new glaze, and I am pretty excited by the results. You can check out some of these new pieces here.


  1. As always, beautiful work-some day maybe I will try the wheel! As for your question….as my mom ages, I’ve been helping her more with doctor appointments & medical care. It’s been difficult seeing her decline, it’s been a learning process of what my children will be in for, I’ll do my best to remember what not to do & what not to say….she didn’t have the luxury of helping her parents age, so I guess she didn’t learn how to do it gracefully. It’s rough business getting old!

  2. Beautiful,we get caught up in our lives that only hinder our thought process.We must grow spiritually and extended a hand of hope to many that only see the hauntings of their past!

  3. I have had these experiences.. I’ve learned that sometimes helping goes a long way. But also sometimes, it is taxing. I usually see it as observing the world around me and knowing where my limits are. I don’t know if it counts as help but I once went to an illustrators’ drawing sketching event so my friend could wind down. She had given a few options, and was thinking about attending a radio show.

  4. Stuck my neck out for racial justice when a friend reposted some fake news. Somehow my comments (just pointing out that the news was fake) offended her and (after a fairly tame back and forth) she said I was “sick” and “needed help.” I’ve lost a childhood friend but now that I’m over the shock I’m so glad I spoke up.

    It was a very stressful experience but I feel purified, as if by fire. I want to be strong and reflect the beauty of the world in all its sublime colors and gradations.

    1. That sounds like it would be difficult! I am glad that it has worked out toward some personal peace at the end of it. 🙏

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