This Week At The Studio In Photos

An inukshuk looking over the Bay of Fundy
Refinishing the floors in the new store!
Seagulls doing their thing, in the sea.

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. Stunning and stellar and wicked cool like yours, with a bit of intense negativity storm that washed through… though it’s nursing its wounds on the beach after washing up on its own shore. Guess gravity’s strong in that one BAM right to the floor. Love me some Empathic Silence as trees with strong roots laugh at storms. Once it recovers a bit, I’ll ask it if it had a message Niall that. For now, though, I’ll protect it with reverent silence. It deserves at least that for coming at me so hard in truthful honesty… well, at least truthful to itself. My head nods side to side.

  2. What a productive week! I love the new planet and tried to comment last week, however, there was a glitch and my comment wouldn’t go through. The new planet is gorgeous and truly out of this world. Have a great week ahead.

  3. I never knew of these beautiful structures. It is so neat sometimes, what people have done and why. I usually don’t like dark (or especially not that medium, honey brown color) of wood, but those floors I like. They’re going to be beautiful and I think they will make your art just “pop” against the white walls! Wait … are the walls staying white? : )

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