NASA Discovers New Planet

The NovaScotia Alchemical Society of Astroexploration (NASA) has confirmed the discovery of a new planet. More information about this planet will be released soon!

Raku Pottery Planet/Sphere

Travel restrictions bringing you down? Join us every Friday when we will bring new worlds to you. You can see another one of our planetoid spheres here!

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend full of good things!

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  1. Is it a planet or a minor planet? They were thinking of calling a planetoid Vulcan, not sure if it happened. Having a planet or moon to heft in your hand sounds wonderful. I have a large black marble ball with orangey stripes. Interesting to see what happens with Raku. X

  2. Now, THAT is wicked cool! I’ll have to add Raku Pottery Planet/Sphere into my Astro Charts. Hmmm, I wonder what it’s Inner Orbit In The Hand duration is, and what its mythological attributions are and… is its symbol an open hand with a circle floating above similar to Pluto’s symbol? A bit like Vesta’s asteroid sacred fire symbol, except replace the fire/lightning squiggle with a sphere?

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