In Case You Need More Sizzle!

Last week, we were very excited to share our sizzling hot intorductory video for youtube, and we just thought we would share it again for anyone who may have missed it! I hope you will consider sparing a minute and watching it:

Let me know what you think of the video! If you like it, please feel free to share it and follow us on our youtube channel.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter here, if you are interested in keeping up with the happenings at our fledgling pottery studio. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. At first itjangled seeing odd sized to video frame pictures… But it was appollogized for well with the slick complete graphic presentation work to make ask we’re we going Greek? (Four elements: earth, water, air, fire) and wonder as if I stepped on the moon surface with the one close-up!

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