Saturday Sneak Peak!

A recent raku firing brought magic


but it’s not quite time to share in full!


but In the mean time


please enjoy these close-ups!


Which is your favourite close-up?

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    1. Thank you Karen! Closeups are a fun way to share that magic with others and I am so grateful that you can see it too. I never quite know what magic raku will bring!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Teressa. I hope you are keeping safe and well today (and in future!)

  1. Wow…they’re gorgeous.❤️ I love shimmery number 3 most, but number 4 is fantastic…like a window pane on a frosty morning. 🥰

    1. Thank you! What a wonderful way to explain the 4th one! I can see what you mean and appreciate your kindness and support. I hope you are keeping well!

      1. 😂 Ooops! I suspect I meant to write: ‘I hope you are too’ but I’m glad I had a mishap, to reap the delight that was your answer 😁 Yay, I’m glad that you remain your fabulous self.🥰

      1. Very well and safe, thanks so much!! I am basically hibernating or hiding in my home… I love being home!

    1. Shucks thank you! I feel that as well. I hope your day is going well and thank you for your support.

    1. Ooh wonderful! What a lovely way of explaining what you see. You always have such a way with words! Hope you are keeping well!

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