Studio Update

It’s been a strange year here at the studio, but it seems we have all finally come to terms with the impact of the pandemic. We are fully stocked with all of the supplies we need and the place is a hum with much pottery activity.

I wanted to give everyone a few updates on current and future activities.

Vase of Dreams

You can participate in this community based art project! Share your dreams for a better world and let’s unleash our collective intentions for a ‘better than normal’ post-pandemic world. You can learn more about this project and share your intentions here, before we fire this piece early next week.

Giveaway Update

Some of you may be aware that we are currently offering an opportunity for you and all our readers to win some great items. All you need to do to enter is to subscribe to our newsletter, which will automatically enter you in future draws.

Enter today, as the draw is fast approaching.

We only need 8 more subscribers before the draw.

Christmas in July Sale

We are pleased to offer a selection of our Christmas items at a reduced price until the end of July. Why shop last minute when you can save now? Reduce the pandemic shopping stress. You can see our sale items available here.

More in Store

As many of you know, I have been working on turning an old garage into a studio space. Part of this plan was to make a portion of the space for showing my work and for people to stop in by appointment, or for specific shopping events. Little did I know that we were on the verge of a pandemic!

In the spirit of hope of Covid free times, I am continuing on with this plan. In September, I hope to be able to take all of you on a video tour of the studio and shop.

A Gust of Beauty

During the month of August, we will be offering a special sale on select raku vases. If you have been contemplating buying one of our one of a kind works of art, keep your eyes opened for a blog post early next month!

It’s also been a very hot summer in these parts! Stay cool everyone!

Once we hit 300 newsletter subscribers, we will be drawing for two prizes that will include a copy of our book ‘A Potters Dream: Myths & Legends’ an art print and piece of jewelry for one of the lucky winners. You can subscribe to our Newsletter by clicking here. Don’t worry, if you are already a subscriber, you are automatically entered. Share on Twitter or Facebook to help the draw come even sooner!


  1. looking forward to the video about the rebuilding of your garage:)
    I like all your blogs, but somehow my like-button-push does not work anymore 🙁

    1. Thank you! I look forward to sharing it.

      The like button issue sounds like a bug of some sort. May be a question for wordpress or maybe it will reaolve itself in a few hours?

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