On The Wheel Wednesday – Sanctuary

Feeling the clay between my fingers

While the wheel spins

is my sanctuary

What is your sanctuary?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Brij! Please feel free to reach out if you see anything particular you like or have questions about!

    1. Cecile, I would love to see what you do – sounds wonderful.
      As for my SANCTUARY, I am a fiber artist and author. When I am working on my encrusted bead workng, one stitch at a time slowly with each tiny bead, gemstone, crystal, or found object, time stands still – I am outside of time as I work the hours away, bliss.

  1. wow — needed and appreciated that Hess quote today. And your visuals always calm and inspire me.

  2. I find there are sanctuaries in wonderfully engaging questions, especially cathedral size ones and teeny tiny ones… Atman questions, the smaller than small and larger than large of Nature itself in direct experience. So, architecturally, I build questions as sanctuaries, and then dive in very tactile and immersed to write and paint and design and simply create as I swim in their sacred spaces. Or, I go somewhere sacred and connect with the resonance of architectural space… from someone else’s questions that led them to construct that place.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try that. Anyway, my sanctuary is my room. I get to make music, art and connect with myself to pause and appreciate the good (even the bad) in my life.

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